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The A-List Theater Franchise is Bringing Back the Fun™ and romance of single-screen theaters for franchise business owners, while updating it for the new millennium with low cost high-definition technology.

The A-List Theater Franchise family of independently owned and operated single screen theaters is doing more than building the largest theater chain in America, and more than joining a digital distribution network, it is creating a family who believes in neighborhoods, the potential for entertainment to inspire, and the greatness of the American spirit.

In the past several years, a growing number of Wall Street economists, businessmen and women, and entertainment industry veterans have come to believe that Hollywood has lost its way, both economically and morally.  The family of franchise owners at A-List feel that great entertainment and great revenues go hand-in-hand with community and the values Americans share.

As part of the A-List Theater Franchise commitment to its theater owners, A-List has adopted a four-part mission statement that guides everything we do.

Mission Statement

First, we believe in great movies that are fun to watch. From first-quality animation, to action films and thrillers, to something scary or sexy for the grownups, the A-List Theater Franchise wants to provide something for everyone while always remembering the values of our family of theater owners.

Second, we believe in building neighborhoods.  In the golden age of cinema the movie theater was the focal point of American life.  A fun, safe place for couples, teenagers, children and friends.  A place to watch movies and meet neighbors, not at the edge of town, but in the center of it.  The A-List franchise is Bringing Back the Fun™ of single-screen theaters by selling local franchises that build neighborhoods.

Third, we believe in the power of movies to inspire.  Movies are great fun, and an escape from the everyday world, but truly great movies also inspire the best in the audience watching.  We believe in showing movies that build the common values Americans share and that never attack or denigrate the beliefs of any American, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Budhist.

Fourth, we believe in the revival of the American spirit.  The sense of community, family, and hard work that built a great nation.  Too often today, Hollywood studios and filmmakers seek to undermine our values in the pursuit of revenues or social agendas.  We believe that great profits and American values go hand-in-hand.  

Apply now to become part of the new golden age of American cinema.


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