Franchise Business Overview  

The A-List Theater Franchise is doing more than building the largest theater chain in America. It has a four-part business strategy:

· Broadfocus™ Technology

The A-List Theater Franchise brings together digital projection, internet video-on-demand, online direct sales, and the DVD and home video market with cutting-edge digital projection, providing theater owners with the choice of 35mm projection and a low-cost digital projection network for independent and foreign films.

· Open Theater Network

The A-List Theater Franchise is the only first-run theater franchise in America today. Multiplex theater complexes are company owned facilities, which show programs of films dictated by central management, often based thousands of miles from the neighborhoods where their theaters are placed.  The A-List Theater Franchise is composed of a family of locally owned and operated theaters, catering to the interests and values of their own towns and communities.

· Films, Food & Fun

The A-List Theater Franchise is a combined theater, coffee shop and movie merchandise retail center, combining the theatrical experience with a coffee shop other lounge where DVDs and exciting A-List merchandise will be available for sale. The combination of movie theaters with dining and night life has a proven track record for multiplying returns for both businesses, and is another way that the A-List Theater Franchise is Bringing Back the Fun™ to the movie business.

· Digital Community  

Much like the successful online communities created by MySpace and YouTube, the A-List Theater Franchise capitalizes on movie centered social networking, providing a real world meeting place for online friends at A-List franchise theater screenings around the country. 

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The A-List franchise is Bringing Back the Fun of the movies by combining the romance and excitement of single screen theaters with a coffee shop and retail lounge.  

The A-List Theater Franchise still has some Phase I Territories available throughout the country, but this opportunity is available for a limited time. Apply now.


A-List Franchise Benefits

An A-List Theater Franchise is the opportunity to Bring Back the Fun™ of the movies, while making huge profits and great friends in the process.

The following financial points make buying an A-List Theater Franchise a terrific opportunity:

· Low Franchise Fee

The A-List Theater Franchise Fee is $125,000.00, far below many lesser franchise businesses. There are also still Phase I Franchise Business Territories available in many states, with a discounted franchise fee of only $70,000.00.

· Low Yearly Royalty

The A-List Theater Franchise believes the theater owner is the core of the movie industry; so yearly franchise royalties of 6.0% of adjusted gross sales are below many other prominent franchise opportunities.

· Access to A-List Movies

An A-List Theater Franchise is more than just a theater venue.  Because the A-List Theater Franchise partners with distribution companies, theater owners are provided no-competition access to A-List films. 

Independent theater owners usually must compete with multiplex chains for content, and through practices by other major distributors like block booking, clearances, and exclusive screenings, few independent theaters are given access to first run or premiere films for screening.

· Digital Technology

A-List Theater Franchise owners have access to high definition screening and distribution technology, available through the company at the best prices with training and technical advice not available anywhere else.

· Theater Operating Know-How

The A-List Theater Franchise will assist in online ticketing, trailers, and posters, as well as provide franchise owners with detailed information on how to run and operate a theater profitably and safely.  Many legal restrictions apply to theater operators, and the A-List Theater Franchise is backed by one of the most respected entertainment law firms in the country.  

If you would like more information about A-List franchise theaters complete the A-List online survey application.  If you qualify to be an A-List Theater Franchise Business owner, you will receive additional information about the A-List franchise, along with a Franchise Agreement and Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document and instructions on how to get started with A-List.  

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